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Thread: Help answer DFU question

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    Default Help answer DFU question
    So I understand that there are two modes for restore, but I'm not at all sure what the difference is, up until ten minutes ago I thought that you could NOT do any sort of firmware changes unless you were in DFU mode. That out of it all you can do is a restore of the iPhone's stored files and settings.

    But after 20 minutes of not being able to get my iPhone into DFU mode I said screw it, left it in the typical restore mode (the mode that you see the restore image on, not the black screen DFU mode) held down shift, clicked restore....

    sure enough it brought up the window to let me search for a firmware, I chose my newly made custom 3g 2.0 firmware, clicked start and well it's working just least I think it what didn't it do to the phone since I didn't use DFU mode?? I mean my custom images are there, cydia was still installed, and all my info is erased and back to freshly pawned and it all appears to be the same as if I used DFU.

    Oh I should add I was previously already jailbroken, I did not try this on a factory iPhone, my theory is it only worked because the pawned firmware was the last iTunes installed, so basically all you are doing then is a typical restore and that if you try this on a fresh phone I'm guessing you will get a can't install firmware message of some kind.

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    hmm, i have never restored on anything besides DFU mode. hopefully it isnt a big deal and it will work fine, but if u ever have to restore again, i recommend restoring in DFU mode

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    been on my phone all day long, not one hickup or glitch.....I don't think DFU mode is required once it is jailbroken, maybe if going back to Apple's firmware, but so far haven't seena side effect.

    Oh and I also found Installer 4.0b
    and updated custom 2.0.1 firmware, still going strong

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