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Thread: Im starting to wuss out.

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    Default Im starting to wuss out.
    Well, I did basically everything, up to the point where I ACTUALLY jailbreak my iPhone.

    I'm kind of scared that it'll brick my phone, knowing as it's new, and I'm scared that I won't be able to get it back

    One thing that will make me do it, it's if someone actually tells me, that I can just restore, and everything will be all good like the beginning someday. :/

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    just restore... its way too easy and i don't understand how ppl are having problems... I jailbroke two 3G iPhones, and a iPod Touch running 2.0FW, and i also jailbroke and unlocked a 1st gen

    unlocking/jailbreaking/restoring always worked for me

    all i used was winpwn on a windows and vista machine with the proper FW and iTunes 7.7
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    see im just scared that i'll brick my phone and stuff, you know?

    And if I do jailbreak it, I can bring it back to normal?

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    i did a couple of times... when pwnage came out for the mac first i did it one a frenz computer.... did the mistake of installing a few buggy images from planet iphone mods... restored back to normal with no problems... and repwnd with winpwn on a work computer... the only thing you need to check in winpwn is "install cydia" when you do the restore take out your sim card or you'll restore and have no service. once the restore is done unplug your phone, put the sim card back in and connect back to iTunes and set it up as a new phone

    subbin for help you thru it but i'll only be on for another hour or so..

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    I just tried it.
    failed miserably, it kept crashing winpwn after it pwned iTunes.
    And so the custom ISPW didn't work.
    So I just restored.

    Ill try back tomorrow.

    - BTW -
    3GB Ram.
    Only browser opened with 2 tabs. And Steam.
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    have itunes open and phone pluged in
    download and save the *.ispw to your desktop
    open winpwn
    click browse ispw and find the one on your desktop
    click build ispw (save it to your desktop) and make sure only "install cydia" is checked
    once it builds click iPwner and choose the custom ispw and (itunes will shut down)
    open itunes again
    put your phone in DFU mode by holding both power button and home button until the phone shuts off
    release the power button and continue to hold the home button until itunes see the phone (screen should be black and would be a good time to take out the sim card)
    in itunes hold your shift button and press restore and select the custom ispw
    itunes will start the restore process (might take a while)
    once complete unplug the phone from computer and put your sim card back in
    set up your phone as a new phone in itunes
    and your done

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    Thank you.
    I'll try it tomorrow, promise :3

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    cool... ill be on all day tomorrow at work 8am to 6pm hawaii standard time

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    Long story short.
    I accidentaly updated to 2.0.1

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    i think it's still possible... somebody did it on a mac but im sure the same rules apply for PC

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