Alright, I have a highly intricate phone; numerous apps, features, tweaks and little specific things. I was excited to upgrade to 1.1.3 so I could delete a few apps to compensate with the new features. I started out fine, and the upgrade worked perfectly, starting me with the home screen apps and installer.

I had installer, so I started downloading apps. I downloaded BossTool, and moved all of everything over to the media portion (including apps). When i soft-restarted, all my OLD apps from 1.1.2 [4 pages or so] we there, and everything was a mess. My texting wasn't workin too, and I CANNOT live with that, so I plugged it into iTunes because I was just going to restore it to 1.1.3 unjailbroken. It then went into an endless reboot and I'm a very very aggravated person. Helpp?