Hi Guys,

Here is my problem...

I have a 1.1.2otb iphone that I jailbroke and was using as a touch until the new unlock came out. I used the installer app, I tried downgrading the baseband, while downgrading the baseband it stopped in the middle saying script error, could not complete...I was left without wifi. so I tried to restore to 1.1.1 which usually fixed any problems I had, but this time it left me with error 1011 saying "repair needed", When I start independence it says it "couldn't get baseband version". I cant make emergency calls, itunes says my "sim is pin locked or I need to install my sim card", the card was in the phone the whole time and not pin locked. Anyone have a similar problem or know of a fix PLEASE let me know.

I am using tiger 10.4 and itunes 7.6

I have read a lot of posts but nothing was really helping me, if you have found one that might be of aid link it here.