Hi Im On A Flight Around 4 pm And I Need To Know How To Unlock My Iphone So I Can Text Etc... On My Trip NUthin Fancy Ill Deal With That Later
Im Using A Vodaphone Uk Simcard BTW

This is my story was on 1.1.4 everythign was fine then i downloaded a app called jokes and my phones software collapsed and i couldnt turn it on with out it vibrating wildly in my hand so i ahd to put it in recovery mode and go on to itunes and upgrade to 2.0 and becaus ei aint got a 02 or at&t Sim Card Its In recovery Mode With 2.0 And Theres Nuthin I Can Do Ive Looked On Youtube Etc.. But All Guides Seem To Be For PPl With There Phones Not In Recovery Mode (as they have a o2 simcard) or in 1.1.4 about to update and u have to do **** b4hand so i need to know URGENTLY lol how to unlock my phone for baisc texting at least or im screwed so plz help me in anyway by posting a link or anything IM DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!! any more info needed or if u want to give me a personnal guide urself add me on my msn [email protected] or reply to this thread and PLZ!!!!!!!!!