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Thread: Missing space after 1.1.3 Jailbreak.....why?

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    Default Missing space after 1.1.3 Jailbreak.....why?
    I am not sure which forum is the best to post this in but here goes......

    I successfully Jailbroke 1.1.3 and have everything working as in 1.1.2 except customize and summerboard. I have even managed to get google locate working (as long as I don't reboot).

    I removed all installation files including the 300 mb file from the upgrade.
    I sshd into the phone and scoured every foder looking for extraneous apps cache...
    I have gotten it as lean as I can with 3rd party apps installed.

    When I run bosstool, it tells me I have 17mb of 300mb on the apps partition left, and 227mb free in the other partition. However in itunes and in the preferences section on the phone, my free space is listed as 55mb.

    Itunes also says I have 300 mb of stuff in a section called other.

    So my question is where is that missing free space? What is in that other space besides a few GBA roms and why is it being reported as much higher than bosstool?

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    Dude!!! Don't post this **** have a brain!! There is a hack in installer!!! I knew this right off don't post this stuff...WE ALL KNOW!! just take a min and look before you post!

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    Are you a troll?
    have you read my post.
    Do you even know what the installer fix does? I have already done it and removed the install files for 1.1.3. There is still 185 mb of unexplained missing space that myself and others have noticed that was not the case before the update.

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    "Others" area in my iTunes Summary has increased from some 18mb to 223mb as well after upgrading to 1.1.3 (devteam jailbreak), with no plausible explanation. It seems that the problem also affects non-hacked iPhones and could be related to a bug in iTunes itself...

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