I’ve got a big problem with my iphone after installing and using the “Categories.app” on the soft jailbreak of 1.1.3
Before I wet to 1.1.3 I uninstalled all my apps, and have this evening been reinstalling them after successfully updating to jailbroken 1.1.3. Anyway, the customize or Summerboard/SMBPrefs would not install as I heard on the forums. “Catagories” installed fine, and I opened it up, created a new category and tried to move a few apps into it. I got an error dialog saying it could not perform this (I think a plist might have been mentioned). I then clicked the Reload Springboard button at the bottom of the Categories App. My iphone then crashed and hung. I did a rest holding the power and home button and now my iPhone is stuck at the black startup screen with the apple logo, and will not go any further regardless of further resetting/switching on/off

How can I get back into my phone? What are my options? Is it repairable?
My phone was bought from O2 in the UK, and I jailbroke using the usual methods and I use it with a non-iphone official contact i.e. a standard o2 contract, hence not a legit upgrade to 1.1.3
Am I going to have to go into recovery mode in iTunes? and if that is the case what do I have to do? can I downgrade back to 1.1.1 now that I’ve had the soft jailbreak of 1.1.3 installedvwithout ther being problems.

Please help me if you ca I would be eternally grateful and happy to donate for anyone who can help me.

I’m guessing there may be an issue with the categories app and jailbroken firmware 1.1.3.

Its 3:13 in the morning here in the UK, and I’ve been up all night with this and I have to get some sleep (if I can now). Really hope someone might have got me a solution when I awake or I’ll cry!