Hi Bros,

This peice of news just out from StealthSim Website. Any bros/ sis out there using StealthSim tried it yet?

Quoted from StealthSim website
January. 25 .2008

We have tested and confirmed that our StealthSim works with Apple new iPhone firmware 1.1.3.

For those who currently using 1.1.2 firmware with StealthSim and wishing to upgrade to 1.1.3, please follow the procedure here

Warning: Make sure you do not upgrade your iPhone to 1.1.3 using iTune.
Follow the procedure here

Please note that this will not work with the 1.1.3 OTB (out of the box) or a 1.1.2 that has been upgraded to 1.1.3 using iTune.

Please check back here again, we will have more news update in the next few days.