Ok my phone hasnt worked for 2 days and im on the brinks of giving up, i need anyones feedback that might help me out here.

the run down:

I have a 1st gen, on 2.0, pwned, EVERYTHING WAS WORKING PERFECTLY FINE. Its time for me to get a 3G so i decided i was going to sale my 1st gen. All i planned on doing was restoring it to a fresh version of 2.0 (erase my contacts, pics, mail etc) then was going to jailbreak/unlock it for a new user.

So i was on itunes 7.7 and went to restore to factory 2.0. The phone got stuck where it says "prepare iphone for restore" It stays stuck there for about 4-5 mins than errors. Unknown error 2005.

So after reading i was going to try to put on 1.1.4. I downgraded to itunes 7.5 (i tried both on osx and xp). I kept getting itunes error that i cant use the restore feature bcus i dont have the latest version of itunes.

So thats the story in a nutshell, any feedback or tips would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.