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Thread: please help a stupid man

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    Default please help a stupid man
    I have a question, that i am sure has been dealt with on this forum, but i havent seen one that i am sure equates to my phone, so instead of screwing up, i ask you for help. I have a 1.1.2 OTB phone that is NOT unlocked, but was jailbroken. I gave in to steve's keynote and, foolishly, updated to 1.1.3 despite warning. I know, foolish, but he is convincing, and i figured i could do without my precious aps. but now the jailbreak is out again, and i really do want it. The problem, of course, is that i have to downgrade to 1.1.2. but, i keep reading post after post that it kills the functionality of phone to downgrade. My confusion is, is that just for unlocked sims? when i was on 1.12, i had to downgrade to 1.1.1 to jailbreak, and i was able to get that to, if it is possible i think i can try...but i dont want to lose my phone.
    again, i am sure this is an often asked question and i either missed it in looking, or just completely misunderstood...but i would appreciate some help...thanks

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    The problem lies in the baseband version....the DOWNGRADE from 1.1.2 to 1.1.1 ONLY works if you upgraded from a previous firmware version to 1.1.2.........soooooo, if you have an OTB 1.1.2 phone, the downgrade will NOT work. Thats in part were people are f@#$% up.

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    ok, yea that makes sense. and was kind of what i was thinking. Thanks...but i do have a question (refer to the subject as i am

    my 1.1.2 downgrade to 1.1.1 did work when i jailbroke it originally.

    I bought my phone (from at&t) in december, so i am assuming it is otb 1.1.2. so, since i didn't upgrade from a previous firmware, wouldn't that mean that shouldn't have worked either?

    again, i am not questioning you...or anything...i really am just trying to understand

    basically, in my mind, i should be able to restore my phone to factory...and then jailbreak it like i did...and then be able to update back to 1.1.3...and i am understanding you saying no...and i am hearing my guilt yelling at me for listening to
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    You may have noticed when you were doing the downgrade to 1.1.1 and then back to 1.1.2 and jailbreak that while you were running in 1.1.1 you had NO reception....and did not get reception back until you upgraded back to 1.1.2....this also has to do with the baseband. Its just that right now, the method is new like the firmware (1.1.3) and hasnt been polished out yet, so for right now the only DOWNGRADE method that has been released is as posted, which wont work on OTB 1.1.2 - for the exact reason.....ummm, you got me

    Sucks, I am running OTB 1.1.2 jailbroken and waiting for now. I had a 1.0.1 upgrade to 1.0.2 jailbroken, then to 1.1.1 jailbroken, then to 1.1.2 jailbroken and then the phone toasted itself for Apple gave me a new one ...but it was OTB 1.1.2

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    yea, i did notice that. I was just hoping for the same result (I.E. it would

    well, thank you very much. you really cleared up a lot of posts that i have been reading. I was thinking most of the problems people had were with the sims being unlocked, but... guess i will wait for sdk release then it surely will all be fine. Really, i just miss playing mario cart.

    i guess that's just the price i have to pay for not listening to the geniuses on this site first. of course, the recent upgrade of leopard screwed up my mbp so apple has kinda stuck it to me this

    anyway, thank you again...even if it wasnt what i wanted to hear

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    Im not saying you cant be successful, I have read alot of posts and right now it just sounds too risky - everything I gather says this method of jailbreaking 1.1.3 needs ALOT of work. To many people having to many problems.

    And honestly, because of the file structure changes in 1.1.3, 95% of the apps out there WONT work on a jailbroken 1.1.3 phone anyways, so its not worth it to me. At least not right now.

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    yea, as i am looking through posts right now, i am seeing a lot of people complain.

    i guess i misunderstood you though, its too late to even think, but i see what youre saying now. so, really, if i gathered my faculties about me i could probably do it with some success...but really the end result wont be nearly the joy i had. i cant just go back to 1.1.2 and stay there jailbroken, i would have to go back to 1.1.3...ok, it is all becoming clear to me. 1:30 am and no caffeine...good jobe

    i would agree that it seems early and dangerous, i hate that i fall to the new lust of shiny things. and, as much as i love mario kart...really i have better things to do this

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