So here's the background situation:

Yesterday I downloaded a pre-made custom firmware for my 1st-gen iPhone from a torrent website, upgraded (following iClarified's tutorial) , etc., everything worked like a charm until I synced to iTunes and restored from my old phone profile...then all of a sudden whenever I touch the screen I get the spinning wheel of death.

Then, thinking the firmware was corrupted, I made my own custom firmware with winPWN on a separate computer, and the exact same thing happened which pretty much confirmed to me it wasn't a coincidence...I was even using the internet/google maps/settings flawlessly before I plugged it in to the other computer to sync it.

I can't even turn off the phone because everytime I touch the power slider I get the wheel and it goes back to the lock screen. No matter where I touch on the screen the same thing happens...the hard buttons (volume, sleep/wake, silent, etc.,) all still work...

I'm going to try setting up a new profile tomorrow because I'm thinking the restore process might have something to do with it.

Also, when I built my firmware I could have sworn that checked off the 'install Cydia' option but it didn't show up...any clues on alternative ways of getting this app??

Thanks in advance for your thoughts..I hope thats enough info , anything will help at this point...