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Thread: Help Needed.

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    Hello Everyone!

    I'm new to the forum, and new to the whole iphone period. I've been browsing the forum and haven't seen actual answers that I'm looking for.

    My situation:
    I recently purchased a iphone brand new out of the box via apple stores. It's a 1.1.2. I also purchased a hyper sim. So basically I have everything all set. Here's the problem. When I downgraded my device via itunes to 1.1.1 everything went smoothly. Then when I updated my firmware back up to 1.1.2 via itunes is where I got the problems. I mean it worked, but when I went to down the jailbreak that I downloaded from conceited software it was giving me a hard time. My first try after hitting the jail break via jailbreak.jar everything went through, and then my device rebooted on it's own. When it powered back on the itunes logo and the usb cable was still there. I looked at the jailbreak.jar loading updates and it stated "Rebooting Device" after 10 more minutes it said the same thing so I pressed canceled. I don't know what to do? And why I try to do the window.bat on my pc the command script file dosen't show. It just flashes and doesn't allow me to add the password and etc. I need immediate help. Will anybody be willing to help via AIM?

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    Just redo it man. Something probably got messed up. As a quick recap:
    1. Downgraded to 1.1.1
    2. jailbroken via
    3. Installed "oktoprep" via
    4. Updated to 1.1.2 via itunes (shift click update and point it to your 1.1.2 firware on your hdd)
    5. Run jailbreak.jar with the phone plugged into a USB port on your PC
    6. Let it load files, install (could be 10+ minutes)

    At this point, all should work just right. It sounds like you say you did all this and it just didn't work in the end. I recommend giving it another try. As far as I can tell your issue is unique and could very likely be remedied by redoing it all. Since you haven;t added anything or customized your phone, you won;t be losing much, except maybe another 1/2 hour of your time
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