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Thread: Black screen, no response at all

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    Default Black screen, no response at all
    Hi there! Until today my iPhone worked flawlessly, upgrading to 1.1.2 worked like a charm, thanks to the guides found on ModMyI. However, today my iPhone is in serious trouble.

    Yesterday I was driving back home and found a connector in the car that suited a iPod and thus an iPhone, since my dad also has an iPhone I figured "he must have tried that and since he didn't warn me not to do that the worst thing that could happen is that it does not work". So I plugged in my iPhone, selected the correct source in the menu of the car computer and found that it would not work. Well too bad, I plugged the thing of, I got the Apple logo, the iPhone went in a reboot and than started functioning again. No big deal.

    This morning I woke only to find my iPhone was doing absolutely nothing, it's just sitting there staring at me with his big black screen. So here is what does not work:

    1) Connecting the iPhone to my PC, it simply does not show and iTunes doesn't recognize my iPhone.
    2) Holding home&sleep button in various combinations, for various amounts of time, with or without connecting to my PC with iTunes running. This should force the thing in factory restore but it doesn't.
    3) Only holding the home button (to reset contrast settings).
    4) Using the windows version of iphuc 0.6.1. since it is just looking for the iPhone which obviously it does not find.

    One might say that my iPhone cable has gone bad but if that is the case than the cable would have broke while lying desk and that would have happend somewhere between 0-24 hours ago since yesterday I plugged it in and it worked fine.

    So as you might imagine I'm a little bit frustrated at the moment since I was totally in love with my iPhone....any suggestions?

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    I told you not to buy crap from that african on that spanish beach last summer...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpjedi View Post
    I told you not to buy crap from that african on that spanish beach last summer...
    But he looked so honest and friendly

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