K I just received another iPhone and it was at 2.0 version already. It may have been a 4 Gig too I believe. Anyways I was using windows vista to unlock it. What I did was:
- Downgraded to 1.1.4 using iTunes 7.5 (twice) *I did stick it in DFU mode before I downgraded
- Kicked it out of recovery mode with iLiberty
- Ran KiPhone and used Debug Boot + iErase
- Restored 1.1.4 again using iTunes *I did put iPhone into DFU mode
- Got the `your iPhone has been set to factory settings message`
- I then used winpwn 2.0.3 to pwn my iPhone 1.1.4 (it said your iPhone has been pwned)
- I then stuck my iPhone into RECOVERY MODE (because iTunes 7.7 wouldn`t restore the iPhone if it was in DFU mode)
- Restored iPhone with custom 2.0 firmware
- The bootneuter app then ran, and it did say bootloader flashed successfully, BUT i also noticed that there was an error when it flashed the baseband. Didn`t get a good look at that error but it did say error.

The actual calling function of the phone works, like I am able to make calls from it. It is just the grey`d out wifi, and bluetooth. Any suggestions.
That method I used was the method I always been using, and this was the only phone that did the No Wifi, no bluetooth.