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Thread: Jailbreak Status

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    Default Jailbreak Status
    Hello guys.. I have two questions today.. Hope someone could help me..

    First.. How would you know if your iPhone is jailbroken already? is there any way i could test if my iPnoe is jailbroken?

    Second.. When i bought my iPhone its unlocked already, i dont have any idea if its jailbroken.. Everytime i restore my iPhone, once i activated via PACAY my iPhone can accept any kind of sim, even i didnt install anysim.. Does this means my iPhone is jailbroken? can i upgrade to 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 safely without jailbraking?

    Thanx guys.. i hope someone could help me with my questions..

    good day!

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    Well, to start, you are in the iPod Touch forums...

    To answer your question- Yes, your unlocked iPhone is Jailbroken. Why do I know? If an iPhone is unlocked, then it is jailbroken. (unless you went through iTunes in Europe).

    What firmware are you on now? You can find this by going to Settings > General > About. It will be next to 'Version'. Is it unlocked by inserting any special chip in it (where the SIM card goes)?

    For future reference, post in the correct forums, and be sure to include what f/w (firmware) your phone has on it and the week number helps too. To find this, look at the serial number (under the firmware version) and it will be xxx##xxxxxx where the ## is two numbers. Mine is 46, so that tells me the week for mine. This info is helpful to us so that we can better help you.
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    to answer your question,
    no you iphone should not not be jailbroken. If you have restored it at any point like you said and have never jailbroken it yourself then it can't possibly be jailbroken.

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