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Thread: Upgrade from 1.0.2 to 1.1.2

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    Default Upgrade from 1.0.2 to 1.1.2
    Sorry im being very lazy (looking in the forums as everyone has the latest updatesand ot 1.0.2 ) I've had an iphone from the US but i dont know if its jailbroken, cause i bought it unlocked already and i really need to update to 1.1.2. How can i check if its jail broken and how can i update the iphone.

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    It should be jailbroken if it is unlocked.

    Update to 1.1.1 do another jailbreak and go from there. Lookup a 1.1.2 jailbreaking guiide. It will have you start at 1.1.1 (via downgrade). The only difference is that you will UPGRADE to 1.1.1 and once your phone is running the 1.1.1 firmware just follow the guide.
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    I apologize for not linking to anything but I'm on a work computer and they have right click disabled . Szik is right about the unlocking, if it is unlocked it should be jailbroken.

    You first need to start with upgrading your firmware to 1.1.1, jailbreak it, and then proceed to upgrade to 1.1.2. Go to Downloads on this website and click on Firmware. Download the 1.1.1 firmware to your computer. Now open up iTunes, and plug in your iPhone. If your using Windows hold your SHIFT key or MAC hold your OPTION key and press upgrade. Navigate to the 1.1.1 firmware you just downloaded and let iTunes do its thing.

    Once the ugprade has been completed you should be ready to go with 1.1.1. Time to jailbreak it! Establish a wireless connection with your iPhone and navigate to: Tap Install AppTapp and your iPhone will reboot a few times. Once it's finished, you will see the newly created on your main screen. Open up the program and navigate to the Tweaks 1.1.1 category. Install the OktoPrep. Once this is installed, your ready to upgrade to 1.1.2. Download the 1.1.2 Firmware in the same location and do the process over again. (Hold shift or option and click the upgrade button).

    ***IMPORTANT STEP: Now Immediately when the iPhone is done upgrading to 1.1.2 either click the Eject button on iTunes or close out of iTunes all together. Close the iTuneshelper.exe program as well. Launch Jailbreak.jar (Download the program HERE) and press Jailbreak!

    The iPhone will reboot itself a few times but you will then see the back on your main screen. Now to continue to have it unlocked, (be able to use it with any carrier) download ANYSIM. I can't remember what category it's under.

    Good luck!

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    b4 upgrading u need to revirginize!!!!!!!!!

    Well developing,
    I am going to assume that you have installed on ur phone, If not install it from ibrickr.Next add the source
    let installer refresh, after which you will have a category called unlocking tools.Inside you will find something called the virginizer download it and follow the instructions.
    NEXT,put your Iphone in DFU mode and restore to a 1.1.1 firmware from itunes.Here is a URL
    Then Follow this guide
    Then This
    Then if u want to upgrade to 1.1.2 follow this(Not recommend)
    I hopethis helped u
    feel free to pm me for any further inquires..
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    Read below!
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    You don't have to upgrade on 1.1.1 You can directly go to 1.1.2 . If you have installer app
    Get "revirginizer" for 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 and OktoPrep for 1.1.2 When you have all that. Just install 1.1.2 and follow steps for Jailbreaking 1.1.2 What you can Google.(How to Jailbreak 1.1.2) But be careful. Since you are on unlocked phone and using other carrier. You may wanna wait for software unlock for 1.1.2 !!! Cause you may stay without a phone for a while !!! Good luck !
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