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Thread: Someone Needs To Try This Asap! Possible Way Around 1.1.3 To Use Your Apps!!!

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    Default Someone Needs To Try This Asap! Possible Way Around 1.1.3 To Use Your Apps!!!
    So I was at, I have been furiously searching the internet every day many many times to see if 1.1.3 has been jailbroken yet or not (i.e.,,,,, nate true's weblog) At someone upgraded to 1.1.3 and their iphone home app EFFECT still worked. i.e. he had it set to go to e-mail when he double-tapped the home button. No almost everyone in all forums say that after an upgrade on a jailbroken phone, they can somehow see that their apps are still there, there is just no way to launch them, what if someone set thei iphone home app to go to xlaunch? Could they possibly launch their apps since the effect stays in place? Someone should try this asap!!! I apologize if this has already been ntried but I have searched many forums and it seems it hasn't yet. A friend of mine is on a long trip today and needed a cell phone (in Maine and it's winter time) so I lent him my iPhone so I can't try myself, if it doesn't work you can always downgrade

    Also...if this doesn in fact work...maybe we can use it to launch an app that isn't really an app, but a program that could internally jailbreak 1.1.3. Just a thought :-)
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    I dont think they can write code to 1.1.3 to change that. But your saying change the home button function in 1.1.2 then upgrade? I guess it worth a shot. Good out of the box thinking, hopefully someone will try it, sounds very logical although i know nothing about the iphone os.

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    Here are the problems with your idea:
    1) There are two partitions on the Phone.
    2) The 300mb partition contains apps normally. This partition is *totally wiped clean* when you upgrade. Anything on this is erased and gone.
    3) you can move your apps to /private/var partition and they won't be erased. But this partition is mounted with noexec flag in fstab. That means that nothing can be executed from that partition without modifying fstab first (jailbreak).

    So, it's a good idea, but I don't think there's any way to make it work.
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    Also, what you are thinking of is a setting in the springboard prefs plist. Since I don't need to unlock, I might take the plunge, by upgrading to 113... But I would honestly like to sit back and let the pros do their thing with this...

    I wonder if it would be possible to mod the springboard prefs file by creating a script that would somehow jailbreak the phone, atleast allowing SSH access to it and then restoring the prefs file in it's place. but would a *.plist be able to be ran as if a script? I don't think it would.. And I really don't want to risk my current setup- I like it a lot lol.

    Just thinking out loud...
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