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Thread: Youtube not working after jailbreaking

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    Default Youtube not working after jailbreaking
    Could anyoen tell me what i could do to fix this probelm, like the videos just doesnt load and it says movie will not load, is there any way i could fix this?

    Help plz and thank you and anyone find out any iphone recorder that u could use forever n free?

    Bump, i am using the youtube fix from ilibertiy but it doesnt seem to work, i tried it about 5 times and i have no other ideas could someone just help me, tyvm and is there a guide on how to install and use summer boards?
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    In my experience jailbreaking with iLiberty on Windows doesn't fix the youtube issue... even when you use the "fix". I suggest using winpwn.

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    Still cant get youtube to work... It keeps saying cannot connect to youtube. Anyone got any other ideas???

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    Sorry no idea either? I am on AT&T and before jailbreak no prob with Youtube, but after jailbreak its not working. Only idea is to check the youtube fix while creating custom ipsw is winpwn?

    I followed the directions of this link and replaced these files and added the activation file which was not in my iphone, reset the settings and Youtube started working!
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    well the thing is when i tried to connect to winscp my internet doesnt connect, so thast y i couldnt fix it. I have wi fi so ya any other ideas or how i could get this internet to connect? Here was what i did, i jailbroken with iliberty+ like the other post said and everything works fine but jsut youtube. I tried to do the youtube fix with iliberty but it didnt work, i also tried the youtube activitor for 1.1.4 that didnt work. My phone is 1.1.4 unlock and jailbroken. I reboot my iphone everytime i install somethingfor youtube so it works but nothing working......

    If anyoen got any success on fixing youtube with different ways plz post them here or give ideas and tyvm.
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    Default how about this?
    I am having the same issue, but additionally, i don't have installer application on my spring board.

    I read online that people were using winscp (sp?) to get into the iphone from their computer.
    Once you can do that, there is a piece of code that you replace with a give one and some users are saying this fixed you tube.

    i'm screwed cause without installer, i can't open SSH to get in from computer.

    i may upgrade from 1.1.4 to 2.0 (on my unlocked/jailbroken/activated 1 gen 8 gig iphone). although thinking of reinstalling 1.1.4 and unlocking with WinPWN (sp?) and then upgrading to 2.0.

    i think that since I used ziphone that going to 2.0 will not work correctly. we will see...

    (can't find the link for the mentioned fix above).. but....

    try this .. Step-By-Step Guide to JailBreak iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 using ZiPhone and to Fix the YouTube Problem - iPhone Hacks

    looks like they got it from here... 1.1.4 Youtube Fix! - iPhone Hacks Forums

    please let everyone know if either of these helped.

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    I'm having the same problem, and no one seems to know how to fix it. I had a 2.0, 1st gen iPhone when I started to jailbreak it. I unchecked Youtube fix, since I was a At&T customer and everything worked perfectly, but Youtube.

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    YESSSSSS I FIXED IT!!!! FINALLY youtube works! All u need is to follow the link that nicphone provided and ur good to go. Just follow it and it would work. It listes the things u need to download so if anyone has any youtube "cannot connect" just do this and it would work.
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