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Thread: Need Major Help

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    Ok, it's a long(ish) story so i'll start from the beginning.

    I'm in Canada and I got and iphone(version 1.1.2 OTB) and I had it working with a StealthSim card just fine. I've been using it for three weeks and happy as I could be with it. I got a Timex Icontrol watch on boxing day and have been using it since then.

    When I plug the Timex wireless device into the Iphone it says "This device is not made for the iphone blah blah blah put in airplane mode yes or no". I always say no and it works just fine.

    So tonight one minute it is working fine, I can take calls ect ect. The next I get that "This device is not made for the..ect" message. Strange because the Timex device is not plugged in. I press no and carry on. Turns out I can no longer make phone calls properly. I can make the calls and I can hear others on the line, but they can't hear me. I can send texts ect ect. Also it will not play music through the Iphone speaker anymore, very strange. After trying plugging in the headphones and taking them out, and doing the same with the Timex Device I give up and figure i'll try and do a system restore and if that doesn't work send it for warranty.

    This is where the problem gets huge. Now my Itunes won't detect my Iphone. In fact my computer says it's a unknown device and it is working properly(it is not). Ahh!! I freak out and try the wall charger. NOTHING. It won't even charge. I put it into recovery mode, still nothing. It keeps popping up with that same old message "This device is not made for the...ect".

    What do I do?! If I can't do a system restore how can I send it for warranty? I can't! I mean all I did was jailbreak it, I didn't do anything crazy(I couldn't because it was 1.1.2 OTB, so I had to use a stealthsim).

    Did Timex FUBAR my Iphone? Please any suggestions, i'm kinda bummed right now.

    Please? Anybody?

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    Please? Anybody?

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    I have never heard of this addon. What does it do?

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