hey all, just restored the iphone to 1.14 in itunes. tried to unlock/activate it it ziphone works fine, or so i thought. when i go to press on anything, it works the first time i press. Then when i select something else, nothing happens. if i push the power button to sleep it, then unlock it right away, i can push on any other app button and it will work again but only one time

example-i press settings-the settings opens
then if i go to select something in settings-nothing happens
I then press power to put it sleep
home to wake it-slide to unlock
and i can press something in the settings menu
then it does the same thing

I have tried 2 different-ithink they were different firmwares
i have tried it once with ziphone
and once with ilibertyx

same thing happens both times
i am using itunes 7.6 on osx

any help
thanks jeff