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Thread: Manually replace/update system- or appl -files

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    Default Manually replace/update system- or appl -files
    Hello, maybe this also could go in the OSX-Modding threads; couldn't decide..

    I really tried to find something on this board about this, so' if its a dumbass Q, shoot me.., but,

    Is the release of the pass/key for decrypting/mounting the firmware (022-3743-100.dmg in this case of 1.1.3) , close related to the proces of 'breaking' 1.1.3?

    I'm wondering this because i once mounted the 1.1.2 (via vfdecrypt method) and found out (many others did too) that it was possible to run apps from 1.1.2 fw on an iphone running 1.1.2

    So I was thinking; when I just could replace f.e. the old for a 1.1.3 version, and could get some benefits of some new options, I would be very happy... (i succesfully used this replacement of SB a few times on 1.1.2-iphones wich had a problem with 'no scrolling when more than 16 apps installed' issue..)

    If something like that would work, there must be a lot more to modify (especially in the system-fld), to get an custom/incomplete/amateur/HalfPimped-spyfone, running firmware 1.1.2 1/2 (Beta)

    Just a personal thought & when it makes no sense, feel free to ignore.... (or teach me;-)


    Johnny Crash

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    that was my idea too. we have the passcode for the 1.1.2 firmware so why not just make a beta firmware with whatever we want? use the same bootloader and everything. i dunno maybe im like way off but the iphone is just a phone and a flash drive why not put our own custom firmware on it?

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