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Thread: Upgraded Itunes to 7.6.. Cant find Iphone!

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    Default Upgraded Itunes to 7.6.. Cant find Iphone!

    No I have nu f***ing idea how this happned. Havn't had any problems with the Iphone and Itunes before.
    (Using Windows)
    So I saw that there was a new Itunes out and also a new firmware for Iphone! So yea, I started with upgrading my Itunes to the new version 7.6. Everything went great. Restarted as they asked me to. But when I started up again my Iphone didn't show up!?
    I went to Iphone diagnostics... says that no Iphone/Ipod is connected.
    So I pressed HELP and came to Apples help page. I've done all the recommended steps on their.... nothing worked.

    The thing is, I can access the phone from my computer, explore the photos and so on (It shows up as a camera). Everytime I reconnect it shows up. So the phone is connected. But it wont show up in itunes.

    I tried to reinstall Itunes... didn't work
    I tried to restart the Ipod service... didn't work
    I tried to go back to the version I had, didnt work
    I tried to reinstall my iphone as a device on the computer a number of times.
    I've reset the Iphone a few times. etc

    I cant think of something that can be done? :S

    Is there anyone out there whos had the same problem? Any ideas on how to solve this?

    This sucks!
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    pop it into restore mode and see if it recognizes it then. If not, make sure that ALL your crap from itunes is deleted. There is a lot of BS apple hides so just uninstalling the thing won't take it all away. Once this is done, reinstall your old version. If that works try an upgrade again.

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    If you can't find iPhone you should try the dirty clothes basket - maybe you left it in a pocket in your pants?

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