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Thread: Real quick question aout the 3G

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    Question Real quick question aout the 3G
    Per Google, I have seen people saying that you in fact CAN downgrade a 3G to 1.1.4 and it will work fine. Now personally I really don't believe this, but is i true?

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    Havent seen it done. I doubt 3G would still work, as it was implemented in 2.0, also any GPS functions would dissappear. It would be a useless downgrade. Hardware differences would still make "unlocking" impossible also.

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    Got a link??

    I doubt that would work though. You could go from 2.0 on an 1st iPhone to 1.1.4. There are a bunch of threads on doing that here on MMI.
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    Yeah that's what I thought. The only thing that really boggled my mind though was that the top spot phone shop thing over here in Denver said they could downgrade and unlock it for me.. For $80!!! So I said no way because I know I could do if myself just as long as I could verify that it works... But thanks for clearing that up!

    Type in "iphone 3g 1.1.4" in Google and click the 1st link...
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    Like I said, it would be stupid because you would loose all of the "enhancements" of having the 3G....verses just using a first-gen Iphone.

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    But I COULD do it right??

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    I doubt it. Can you provide the link to the site claiming this?
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    Downgrade MAYBE. Unlock NO....hardware differences would stop this. Until there is an unlock solution for the new phone.

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