i just got a stealthsim-like device from ebay so i finaly can use my iphone as a phone. my joy was spoiled by bugs in the phone and sms application.
when i enter the sms app it starts to load and the screen is blank for a second. after that it quits out to the home screen instantly. similar problem with the keypad of the phone app. it loads up but after i press the first "button" it quits. i already tried restoring but the problem is still there (actually there was another problem before restoring: the recents tab on the phone had the same problem, but is gone now).
i don't think the stealthsim the problem, because it has no software effects (or does it?), but i probably havent realised the bugs earlier because i didn't use the phone part.
any ideas?

sorry for posting here, i didn't know where else it would have been more suitable