im running a 1st generation iphone, im trying to downgrade it from 2.0 to 1.1.4. I already uninstalled my version of itunes and installed the 7.5 itunes. when i plugged the phone in i didnt have to rename the file thats in the itunes folder. i already held the power button and the home button for 10 sec. then hit shift and restore chose my 1.1.4 firmware file, as its tryin to go thru i get a error message that has a number of 1015. on the iphone screen all i see is the plug and a music icon and a cd icon, i cant get this off my screen, i cant get to the home screen nothing.

Is there anything i can do to undo this and what do i need to do to get my iphone back on track

Could someone pls send me a link, or break down what i need to do pls ????