hi to all
Ok I am pretty stumped here so thought i would post to try to get some assistance. I have a 1.1.1 iphone otb which was purchased in november 07 in NYC it was jailbreaked & unlocked with anysim? I have been on 1.1.2 & then 1.1.3 via the guides on modmyi & the phone was working all ok.
I upgraded to a 3g iphone & gave my partner the old phone & told her not to upgrade/restore. Guess what? she upgraded it so it's now sitting in emergency mode on firmware 2.0 I would imagine.

So I downloaded the lateset pawnage tool to try & sort this out, I have been at this for about the last 4 hours with no success.
The phone is in emergency mode at the minute, I followed the pawnage instructions & can make a custom firmware but then get a could not enter dfu mode message.
Did a few searches & managed to get the phone into dfu mode manually & itunes detects a phone in restore mode.
Held alt & chose the custom firmware to install then get an unknown error(6). I tried to restore to older firmwares ie 1.1.1 to try to start from scratch but keep getting the error messages in itunes.
When I get the phone in dfu mode I can only get out of it by using the legitimate latest iphone firmware, older ones refuse to work.
I also put in the info for terminal for any possible dfu problems but pawnage still comes up with the failure message.
So a bit stumped really, any help would be cool.
thanks in advance for any help.