Well, I posted some questions on this site to try to learn more about iPhoneunlockuk. I got no responses which makes me think this con is not well known. Anyway, I've finally got to the bottom of it thanks to the good old Guardian!

It turns out, as I suspected, iPhoneUnlockUK are simply stealing unlock software (i thought it was iLiberty+, but according to the article its Pwnage (?) ), sticking their logo on and selling it for 30

Apparently devteam know about it and are quite rightly not happy about their hard work, which they generously choose to make free to all, being sold by a third party.

I post this as this sort of dishonest behaviour should be revealed - I'm surprised it was so difficult for me to get info on.

Ha ha, iphoneunlockuk are posting all sorts of excuses about not releasing their 2.0 software just yet (though they previously claimed it was ready, just send 20!) They are obviously eagerly awaiting the release of pwnage as much as we are!

Site moderators - were you aware of this? Perhaps its worth a sticky!

The article can be found here: (They also claimed a recommendation by the Guardian - now removed after complaint)

iPhone unlocker tempts customers with fake Guardian endorsement | Technology | guardian.co.uk