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Thread: Morning - 2.0 Simple Question From 1.1.4

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    Default Morning - 2.0 Simple Question From 1.1.4
    Morning or was when i started Reading this Web Site seem's to have reached 12.06 without me even blinking...

    A Real easy question that i've been trying to find the answer and decided I'm sure you guy's can just Though it straight at me... so sorry as i'm sure its been answered i just cant find it..........


    I have a jailbroken IPhone (From E-bay) Running 1.1.4 and a Windows PC and a O2 contract (not taken out with a apple iphone)
    Everytings going well however i just upgraded my Itunes and it has let me know a new version 2.0 is avalible to download .... Great!!! however if i install this Will
    1. the phone lock the Sim CARD so it wont work (as i said running O2 sim)
    2. Will i loose the Jialbreak ? and what would this mean ????
    3. Will i loose any apps installed
    4. will my Phone Just Lock Completely

    Why do people not want to upload to the latest version ? is there a bad reason not to........... ?

    If anyting else i need to know please add it as your help is really appreciated... really is !!!!

    cheers Guy & Girls

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    well basically you just have to wait till dev team releases a jailbreak and unlock for 2.0 firmware! For all to work for you! Yes you'll loose all that stuff and your phone won't work on o2 anymore if you do it now!
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    You read for a month and didn't see the threads about people messing up their phones by upgrading to 2.0? Wow!
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    i like to see the posotive things in life .. joking .. i noticed a few but like the apps on itunes so wanted to get them ..... but i looks like i'm waiting for Windows Version of this Jailbreak and unlock ? i think ............

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    Just wait for the dev team to finish and release the jailbreak,unlock and activate for firmware 2.0. If you restore with itunes, your phone will be locked again.

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