I know I may be behind the times here, and many of you have forgotten all you know about 1.0.2 but hopefully some of you can help me out.

I am currently running functional unlocked 1.0.2 (w/Anysim) and I would like to revirginize my phone to upgrade to 1.1.1.

The problem is OpenSSH will not install on my phone - it was originally installed with ibrickr but would not work correctly. I removed it with ibrickr and attempted to install it with installer.app. This did not work though, whenever I try to connect through putty or WinSCP, I receive "connection refused" message.

Seems like the remnants from the older version of OpenSSH is causing problems. How would you go about manually clearing the old version? My thought is to use ibrickr file manager.

To make matters worse though, ibrickr has stopped working. Whenever an app is to be installed/deleted - I receive the customary "phone will soft-restart in 30 seconds" but nothing happens. The pxl daemon client as this appears to have been damaged by installer, and I am unsure how to reinstall it.

It seems to me I need to do the following:
- reinstall/fix pxl daemon for ibrickr
- clear away all remnant files left over from openssh
Once ssh is installed revirginizing will (hopefully) be a breeze.

Any help with any of those steps is much appreciated, as I am at a stand-still currently.

Two other questions:
- is it possible for multiple versions of BSD subsystem to cause a problem like this? (i am unsure whether it was originally installed in ibrickr and removed when i first got the phone)
- can restoring the phone to the original 1.0.2 file make all this go away? (I am a little leary of doing this, without knowing if it will succeed, as my phone is currently functional - I just cannot install/uninstall apps)