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Thread: PC & Mac Guide - Downgrade from 2.0 to 1.1.4

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    Im getting the error 20 anyone know what this is??

    Make you own visit this link.

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    Hey, sorry if i'm covering common ground here...

    I have a 1st Gen iPhone that was unlocked to 1.1.1
    (i purchased it unlocked over a year ago - unsure how it ws unlocked)

    If i wanted to upgrade to 1.1.4 and unlock using iliberty or another program, is the above method what i should do?

    Thanks for the help...

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    i keep on getting error 20. i follow the guide exactly, same itunes version/ipsw/etc

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    thanks.. workd like a charm for me.. used iliberty to unlock after.. and now i am up and running again.. thanks again !!!!!

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    I can assist you with that, go on youtube and go to alphonsoelliott videos, I have put a video on how to recover your iphone, even the signal solution

    I have a youtube video on iphone recovery, check out YouTube - alphonsoelliott's Channel
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    when i try to restore a message comes up saying i phone could not be restored an unknown error occurred (20) can anybody help me thanks

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    Generally error 20 means the phone was not put in DFU mode. I can't stress this enough. If done correctly, the screen on the phone will be black with NOTHING on it while you're holding the home button. Itunes will then pop up saying "found iphone in recovery mode, you must restore". If these 2 things don't happen, then you have not done step one correctly.

    Error 1600, 1601...etc is generally due to not having iTunes 7.5.

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    3. Go to My Documents > My Music > iTunes and delete the file called "iTunes Library.itl"

    Does that mean it will delte my itunes library

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    Quote Originally Posted by avdosha View Post
    Hi, I followed your steps exactly up until #13 "13. Plug your phone into iTunes and shift+click restore to 1.1.4 AGAIN. This will write the correct 4.04.05 baseband to you phone." When I plug the iPhone into the iTunes, the iTunes is asking for a correct SIM card, AT&T that is. I'm a tMobile customer and I have tossed away the AT&T sim that came w/iPhone. Is there a way around it? Thank you!

    I got it here:
    iLiberty+ | George Zhu's BLOG
    if its asking you for the correct sim card put it back into restore mode thanks for the link

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    i don't know what error 20 means but someone suggested to take out the sim card and try again, and that error went away and I got to 1016 error, and then followed poseidins steps and it was allllll goood

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    i need help my itunes says iphone but ppl say its ipod, what do i have to do now? Help plz If i contiune i keep getting 1015 error and its not going away so could anyone tell me what to do now....
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    hey poseiden,
    i noticed (on XP) if you already have itunes 7.7 installed before starting the process, and you uninstall completley including anything apple related, you still may get errors.

    i found if you change folder options to show all files and hidden system files, then go to cdocuments and settings\all users\ and delete everything apple,
    then cdocuments and settings\"your user name"\ and delete everything apple,
    then install 7.5 itunes.

    should have no problems.

    also if you get stuck in dfu mode and ibrikr, ziphone, and iliberty dont recognise the phone to boot into normal mode,

    TRY THIS!!!!

    hold the power and home button at the same time!
    the phone will boot out of dfu mode and into recovery mode!
    sweet right?

    sorry if already posted.
    wasnt gonna read thru 3+ pages to find out if i should offer help.
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    I unlock and jailbroken it, but my sim card isnt working like i cant call anyone and my youtube isnt working either but the internet works. My baseband is 04.05.04_G and when i use kiphone, and click the right ones, it just closes down and nothing happens, anyone no why?

    Could someone help me with these problems plz and tyvm.
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    this needs to be in the guides section - i've spent the last 3 days up and downgrading absolutley everything from every *works every time guaranteed* guide and was ready to pack it in and but a new one. Poseidon79 you are a freaking legend and have saved me a small fortune in buying a new iphone - as a result i'll be making a financial contribution to the site as without this guide i would have had to spend a heap of cash anyway - thanks again mate.

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    I am getting error 20 unknown erro when trying to restore the first time...
    Any ideas anybody?

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    did everything by instructions...

    at the end jailbreak/unlock perform with iLiberty- phone is working perfect...

    ...Cydia working also perfect after updating it..


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    i have erro 11 and the logo is appel in step please

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    ok basically i have a first generation iphone, i followed the steps with the 7.5 version of itunes, but when i plug my iphone in it keeps telling me my iphone will only work on 7.7 or later, and i tried the recovery mode and it tells me it wont recover... whats going on.

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    I've got t-mobile, my phone froze. My mac automatically downloaded 2.0. So I used Pwnage to jailbreak it. The phone works now with 2.0 on t-mobile. But 2.0 blows. I'll be downgrading tonight

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