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Thread: PC & Mac Guide - Downgrade from 2.0 to 1.1.4

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    Everything went smoothly but i still cannot get the 4.04.05 baseband with kiphone.

    it is still 4.05.04

    this is what i did

    checked debug boot and ierase and had it do its thing and then phone was reset by itunes. i did restore on itunes again as it says but i got message 1015 again its like im going around in a circle. i repeated the steps and still got 1015 after kiphone

    help please?

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    I keep getting 1015 error when trying restore the firmware. I have tried and followed the steps 20+ times any ideas?

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    Error 1015 (or 1011) is GOOD. Just use ibrickr/iLiberty to boot out of recovery mode. If on a mac use independence.

    If you get error 1601 your iTunes has not been downgraded to version 7.5.

    If you get error 20, your phone is not in DFU mode.

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    The phone does not boot it just stays at the iphone plug screen

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    Hold the power and home button down at the same time until the phone powers off... then CONTINUE to hold them down for 10 seconds... let go of power, but continue to hold home. iTunes will then find it in DFU mode.

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    Default Easy downgrade, with full service
    Six days it took messing around to find this...

    This is a simple version of several thousand million various attempts, cobbled together from some hundred or so posts, some bogus, some unreadable, in order to convince my iPhone that the sim card actually does work...

    Being Irish, I would prefer to be out drinking than spending countless nights infront of my Mac.. Anyway here goes...

    The downloads you will need are; (Download all of these to the desktop for your own sanity)
    iTunes 7.5
    Download iTunes -
    Iphone 1.1.4 Firmware
    iPod/iPhone firmware update 1.1.4 released - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)
    iBrickr - Creation: iBrickr: Easy iPhone ringtone / app management for Windows (This is windows ONLY)
    Ziphone 3
    ZiPhone's Blog

    Ok so you've downloaded all of these, lets get started...

    1. Upgrade your iPhone to Version 2 software through iTunes as normal, and wait for the Sim locked message. You need to do this to normalise your iPhone again incase any previous messing around did anything nasty.

    2. Uninstall iTunes if it is a higher version than 7.5 and install iTunes 7.5 (You need to do this to avoid the annoying Error 1604). Some of you may have a problem on the mac when downgrading to iTunes 7.5 (Library error). You need to go to finder click on /Users/Username/Music/iTunes you should see the "iTunes Library" file. MOVE it somewhere safe. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DELETE THIS FILE, if you do you will have to redo all your playlists etc, believe me I made this mistake (Thank God for Time Machine!!). iTunes 7.5 should launch away

    3. Restore your iPhone to 1.1.4. Do this by docking your iPhone and hold down the Option key (Mac) or Shift key (PC) and click on restore. Point iTunes to the 1.1.4 firmware you downloaded earlier. Sit back and relax, you deserve a coffee.

    4. Don't panic, you should get an "Error 10xx", usually 1015, this is ok. Take a sip of coffee, a deep breath and proceed.

    5. Load up iBrickr, you will need a PC for this if you have a Mac or just fire up Parallels / VMWare. Luckily I had access to an old laptop. iBrickr should recognise your iPhone as being connected.

    6. iBrickr (V0.91) has only two options, click the "Boot phone" button. The screen will turn red, this is normal, be patient it takes a couple of minutes to reboot.

    7. You should now have have a 1.1.4 iPhone with a baseband from V2 (Who cares, its technical and we don't need to get into it here)

    8. Run ZiPhone and use the "Do it all" option. Make another coffee, this takes 10 minutes or more.

    9. You now have a jailbroken phone, with a "No Service" problem. Great.

    10. Load up KiPhone. click on "iErase" (Mac) or "debug boot" and "Erase baseband" (PC). I HAD MORE SUCCESS WITH THE PC VERSION. The Mac version hung twice, it's your choice but for your own sanity maybe try the PC Version.

    11. Enjoy, you should have full service back.

    12. Dock with iTunes, it will ask you if you want to upgrade your iPhone, make sure to click the "Do not ask me again" button and click don't upgrade. Otherwise you will be back at square one.

    13. Drink lots of beer, Apple you should be ashamed of yourselves, I wasted the majority of six days of my life to get this problem sorted. Pity-full.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    Before we begin please budget about 45mins of your time to get this done.

    *This is only for 1st Generation iPhones that have been upgraded... not for 3G iPhones*

    1. Download iTunes 7.5 from here: Direct Download iTunes 7.5 to Activate iPhone Anywhere Internationally My Digital Life
    2. Uninstall your current version of iTunes and reboot your PC.
    3. Go to My Documents > My Music > iTunes and delete the file called "iTunes Library.itl"
    4. Install iTunes 7.5

    Note for OSX users:
    If you are on OSX and want to attempt to downgrade your iTunes, you can try these steps:

    Load up Terminal and type the following:
    killall iTunesHelper
    sudo -s
    rm -r /Applications/
    rm -r /Library/Receipts/iTunesX.pkg
    rm ~/Library/Preferences/*
    rm -r /Applications/
    rm -r /Library/Receipts/iTunesX.pkg
    rm ~/Library/Preferences/*
    rm -r /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileDevice.framework

    5. Download the 1.1.4 restore file from the here iPhone Forums at - iPhone | iPod Touch, news, apps, themes. - Downloads - iPhone 1.1.4 Firmware if you don't already have it.
    6. Put your phone into DFU mode using the following steps
    a. Plug your phone into iTunes (ignore the message that pops up)
    b. Power the phone OFF
    c. Hold power and home for EXACTLY 10 seconds
    d. Release power (continue to hold home)
    e. iTunes will recognize iphone in restore mode
    7. Hold shift and click Restore - select the 1.1.4 firmware file you downloaded
    8. After it's done restoring you will get error 1015 and the phone should be in recovery mode (iTunes logo with cable)
    9. Important! Hold shift and click Restore and select the 1.1.4 firmware file and RESTORE AGAIN.
    10. After it's done open iLiberty "other tools" tab and click "jump out of recovery mode". (note - if you didn't restore TWICE as instructed above the phone won't jump out of recovery mode)

    OK, you now have a phone with 1.1.4 Firmware and the 4.05.04 baseband. Now we have to downgrade the baseband

    11. Download KiPhone
    12. Run KiPhone with Debug Boot and iErase options checked. (Leave the box for downgrade UNCHECKED)
    13. Plug your phone into iTunes and shift+click restore to 1.1.4 AGAIN. This will write the correct 4.04.05 baseband to you phone.
    14. Your phone should now be factory 1.1.4 with the matching baseband - all you have left is to jailbreak/unlock with you method of choice.
    Thanks for a clear summary...

    I am having trouble with downloading the 1.1.4 firmware. As the file is being unzipped, I don't see the firmware file. Can't mount the 3 .dmg? I am sure there is a simple way to do this but I am stuck at the moment.

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    hey dude when i uninstall itunes to get the older version; will i love all of my music?

    should i back my songs up to a CD? There's a lot of songs i don't want to lose. lol.
    help me out. thanks.

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    i don't know if i have a "special" iphone or not, but I updated to 2.0 last night and played around with it, and then a little while ago i decided to go back to 1.1.4. I found this tut. and decided to try it. I actually left itunes at the newest 7.7 and put the phone in dfu and followed everything and it worked. I DID NOT do the last step and change the modem firmware. I verified and I am now at 1.1.4 and 04.05.04_G modem firmware and I can make and receive calls fine. how is that? a fluke maybe?

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    was wondering if anyone with a 3g iphone have tried this? , i mean i know it would remove the 3g option but i plan to use it for tmobile anyway

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    The phone would not accept the firmware in DFU mode either. I just gave my friend his phone back I couldent figure it out. He reloaded it to 2.0

    I noticed tutorial #1 says to not downgrade the baseband and the second one says to downgrade it. What is the correct way? I am guessing I should erase because thats what I thought the app was for?
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    i get error (1) what should i do?

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    Finally! Thanks to hibernian 56 I followed his guide and it worked. Now I can enjoy my jailbroke iPhone, although I can't restore from backup. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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    Dear Poseidon,

    Thank you so much. I have succeeded in downgrading my iphone from 2.0 - 1.1.4 & activate it back for use.
    Superb.. I feel.. like I achieved something.. Thanks so much..

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    Hey Guys,

    I've followed the steps (several times), but the iLiberty+ for mac that I have doesn't have an 'Other Tools' tab...likewise iNdependence won't recognise my iPhone. And windows won't recognise my iPhone, so I can't use the apps on that side.

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

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    I Must Say Thanks Your Method Work It Took Me 9 Hrs And it Was Worth I am Back On Track....

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    guys how do i point itunes to version 1.1.4? Im stuck

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    on a PC... hold down the Shift button and click restore... it will bring up a window that you can choose the 1.1.4 firmware file from where you downloaded it to. On a Mac... hold the option key and click restore.

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    @ Poseidon79
    i followed evry step but iliberty cannot find my iphone
    what can i do???
    i also tried ibrickr and ziphone to get it out of the recovery mode but no programm can find my iphone instead of

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    great post

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