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Thread: PC & Mac Guide - Downgrade from 2.0 to 1.1.4

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    because i'm having display problems,my touchscreen is going crazy,it's like someone else is touching the screen...and this problem is from when i accidentaly put on the 2.2.1...and now,i want to restore it back to 1.1.4..sorry for my bad english..i'm from romania...thanx

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    Default Error 1015
    how long does it take before error 1015 shows up?

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    Will this work so i can install the bypass silent switch?

    does anyone know?
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    hi mine says that i need a file called secpack matching my current firmware version in some folder. what can i do?

    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    Before we begin please budget about 45mins of your time to get this done.

    *This is only for 1st Generation iPhones that have been upgraded... not for 3G iPhones*

    1. Download iTunes 7.5 from here: Direct Download iTunes 7.5 to Activate iPhone Anywhere Internationally My Digital Life
    2. Uninstall your current version of iTunes and reboot your PC.
    3. Go to My Documents > My Music > iTunes and delete the file called "iTunes Library.itl"
    4. Install iTunes 7.5

    Note for OSX users:
    If you are on OSX and want to attempt to downgrade your iTunes, you can try these steps:

    Load up Terminal and type the following:
    killall iTunesHelper
    sudo -s
    rm -r /Applications/
    rm -r /Library/Receipts/iTunesX.pkg
    rm ~/Library/Preferences/*
    rm -r /Applications/
    rm -r /Library/Receipts/iTunesX.pkg
    rm ~/Library/Preferences/*
    rm -r /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileDevice.framework

    5. Download the 1.1.4 restore file from the here Apple Forums & iPhone Forums, Mods, Hacks, News, Themes, Downloads, and more! | - Downloads - iPhone 1.1.4 Firmware if you don't already have it.
    6. Put your phone into DFU mode using the following steps
    a. Plug your phone into iTunes (ignore the message that pops up)
    b. Power the phone OFF
    c. Hold power and home for EXACTLY 10 seconds
    d. Release power (continue to hold home)
    e. iTunes will recognize iphone in restore mode (you can let go of home now)
    7. Hold shift and click Restore - select the 1.1.4 firmware file you downloaded
    8. After it's done restoring you will get error 1015 and the phone should be in recovery mode (iTunes logo with cable)
    9. Important! Hold shift and click Restore and select the 1.1.4 firmware file and RESTORE AGAIN.
    10. After it's done open iLiberty "other tools" tab and click "jump out of recovery mode". (note - if you didn't restore TWICE as instructed above the phone won't jump out of recovery mode)
    Note: On a Mac you can use Independence to kick out of recovery mode. Downloads - independence - Google Code

    OK, you now have a phone with 1.1.4 Firmware and the 4.05.04 baseband. Now we have to downgrade the baseband

    11. Download KiPhone
    *Unzip all files into a folder before you run the program or it will fail*
    12. Run KiPhone with Debug Boot and iErase options checked. (Leave the box for downgrade UNCHECKED)
    13. Plug your phone into iTunes and shift+click restore to 1.1.4 AGAIN. This will write the correct 4.04.05 baseband to you phone. (You may have to put your phone into recovery mode manually for iTunes to let you restore - hold power and home until the phone reboots - continue to hold until you see the iTunes logo)
    14. Your phone should now be factory 1.1.4 with the matching baseband - all you have left is to jailbreak/unlock with you method of choice.

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    Default Thank you!!!
    I have an iPhone 2G that was dropping the Wifi constantly. Following this guide finally fixed it, after months of searching hi and low for a solution. I was so convinced it was a hardware problem, I bought some tools in order to try and identify a loose connection or something.

    Going back I recall what might have gone wrong. I had jailbroken 1.1.3 firmware, and then updated to 1.1.4 and then 2.0. The update to 2.0 is what broke the stability of the wifi. What I should've done is "virginize" the phone and then update to 2.x.

    Thanks again Poseidon for the great post.

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    Default kiphone question
    at what step do i start the kiphone

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    i have followed these steps EXACTLY as shown however the download link for KiPhone is not working. I know I must need your copy of it because I downloaded it elsewhere and recieved this message when running the program:

    "Searching for iPhone...
    Source code available at: Dev-Team Blog

    Loading zibri.dat.
    Entering recovery mode.
    Source code available at: Dev-Team Blog

    Loading zibri.dat.

    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
    Please contact the application's support team for more information."

    So if someone could show me where to get the correct version of KiPhone I would really appreciate it.

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    New to this..
    Is this the newest version?

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    HI i can restore iphon back to 1.1.4 or 3.0 or 3.1.2 but it fails on firmware error 1011 (itunes)
    there is no wi-fi no calls no bluetooth no speaker sound etc
    i can listen music - (ipod) (headphones only)
    i can sync copy delete but those things above not working ..
    how can i fix this ?
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    No wifi is generally a hardware failure. Error 1011 or 1015 is what you want when downgrading. Just go to the next step... I seriously doubt any wifi fix program you use is going to work though.

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    i just managed to downgrade to 1.1.1 but i can't downgrade to 1.0.2
    itunes says error 4 even in dfu **** ..
    can u help ?

    so am fu**ed ?

    i mnaged to downgrade from 3.1.3 to 1.1.1 for fucksake !!
    and now i cannot downgrade to 1.0.2
    am going mad crazy !!
    aaaaaagrrrrrhhh !!
    friggin itunes will kick me out with error 4
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    Question Help me please !!
    I realise this may be off topic but I am getting a bit desperate. Can anyone please tell me how to restore my default connection settings on my macbook pro . I messed about with a proxy ip just out of interest and now I cannot get my original settings back and can't connect to the internet with my modem . I would be so grateful for any advice ???

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    SO i followed all instructions to teh letter and all worked with no errors...

    However i cannot use the phone its still in this recovery mode i can however receive phone calls and text messages but i cannot do anything else??

    The only thing i deviated form in the instructions is using KiPhone... anywhere i searched for it i found zIphone i used that....

    would that matter...

    3 days now on this... 6 hours a day!

    any help appreciated..

    thanks to all
    Montreal, Canada

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    7. Hold shift and click Restore - select the 1.1.4 firmware file you downloaded - im not seeing the restore button on 7.5 itunes. Plese help!!!

    Step is not working for me.

    Restore button is not available when i connect my iphone with 7.5 itunes. So i cant use shift restore step Plese help
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    Default problem!
    I have done the first few steps but when i go to restore the iphone i click on it in itunes but the restore page wont show at all!!! Please help

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    I know this was a long time ago but i am a poor student so only have the iphone 2g :P the KiPhone link on stage 11 isn't working, anything else i can use? :/

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    Default thanks!
    I will try this right now! god i miss austin!!!!!! thanks man!

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    You sure? This is old as hell
    If my post was good, click the button in my post

    New to jailbreaking? Have a look at my Redsn0w Guide

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