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Thread: Sound Problems after Agile Messenger

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    Default Sound Problems after Agile Messenger
    I know that people have posted about the muffled sound issue after installing Agile Messenger, but I am experiencing what I think is a whole different problem.

    I have a first generation iPhone, unlocked & jailbroken with iLiberty+. I am running firmware 1.1.4 and have obviously not upgraded to the new firmware. I installed Cydia and Agile Messenger, and all of my sounds were working. However, starting yesterday (I did not install any new applications nor did I add any videos or songs), I can no longer listen to MP3's using the phone's speakerphone. It shows that the song is playing; however, no sound is coming out. If I plug in my headphones, it works just fine.

    In addition, when someone calls, I cannot pick up the calls via the handset. Instead, I have to use either the headphones or a bluetooth headset.

    My iPhone is only 3 or 4 months old. However, I did buy it refurbished. Before some of you say that I got a bad unit, however, something similar happened to me a week or so ago after I installed Cydia and Agile Messenger. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to restore my iPhone again since it is such a time consuming ordeal, so maybe somoene out there has experienced the same thing.

    Also, for those people who have experienced the Agile Messenger sound problems who have made some tweaks to the incoming message tone (newmessage.wav), how were you able to tweak Agile Messenger to get rid of the sound (and the resulting sound problem)?



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    i had the same problem, or at least similar...
    i solved it by plugging in the headphones properly and pulling it out again...
    somehow my iphone thought i was still using the earbuds although i didn't..

    i'm not much of an iphone expert, but maybe it is just as simple as that (:

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    Hi guys, I have the same problem here, but Ive been fooling around with it for about 2 weeks now, so after trying all methods available in the web, and not getting any results, Im seriously thinking in replacing the headphones jack. Beacuse, in my experience, I have been enough time with the problem to get to the conclusion that here must be some switch inside or around the principal jack "tunnel", that is not making contact once you pull out the connector. I say this because, when I blow inside the jack, from very close, it fixes itself for about 2 minutes, sometime more, sometimes less time, and then, suddenly, stops working again. That makes me think that the air I blow inside, being wet air from my mouth, makes contact where it has to and fixes the problem. When it gets dry again, it returns to its problematic state.

    So,... if any of you guys have some ideas about it, please, help me/us out here.

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