Hey there.

I have an unlocked 1.0.2 iphone with many problems. I am not sure if these are software related, but whether they are or not, I am going to try upgrading first.

So I am a bit of a newbie on this so read some guides. I'm basically working off here at the moment - Unlock the iPhone - the simple tutorial!

My problem is that for some reason I can no longer access my installer. That's right, every time I try to download, update or uninstall anything from my iphone, it just shows a black screen and goes back to springboard. This is a problem as in order to virginize I need to download something from the installer D=

If I am really off the mark, and going about upgrading all the wrong way please alert me, however from what I know I need to:

1. Virginise (cannot download the virginizer_pack from installer to do this)
2. Update
3. Unlock
4. Activate

So how can I go about fixing this?



P.S. If possible could you please recommend the best firmware version that is possible for my upgrade.