Hey guys, I had noticed that in the video that is 'showing off' 1.1.3, that natetrues' carrier stayed the faux 'Nate', as I'm sure that we all did. (This led to a ton of n00bs attempting to discredit it for that alone). Any how, Apple syncs over the backed up Springboard prefs plist if you don't set up the iPhone as new. So... Is there anything that we can do to exploit it?

NOTE: Before I continue, sorry if this is in the wrong forums.

I'm not that keen on hacking, exploiting, or whatever we want to label it, but it seems that there should be something that we can look at [and change] in the prefs file that could create a hole in the security, allowing for installer.app to be installed, and then letting all hell break loose or at least allowing for SSH, or some sort of communication b/w the 'hacking' s/w and the mobile.

What are your thoughts on this?

Ugg... I cannot get my crappy notebook to cooperate atm... But I will look into the prefs file, though I'm sure that it has been done already.

Perhaps this will be a way to jailbreak the alleged 1.1.3? To be honest, I don't know exactly where I'm going with this, it just seems that it may be a viable route.