Hey guys. Just got the new Iphone. 1.1.2 otb. I did everthing right to get the iphone unlocked. You can find a very Nice tutorial at http://www.iclarified.com.

I am having a problem with the upgrade back to 1.1.2. I install java and ran the windows.bat. I get the pop up display. Did everthing it said, but the problem is it says "Reading Flash image" It gets about half way and it looks like it resets and starts all over again. How long should it take? Because I have ran it for about a half hour. (The software is 1.1.2 jailbreak.zip)
Some more info on my setup. The Iphone screen goes back to screen the shows it needs to connect to itunes but after about 5-10 secs the screen goes black. Will that effect the windows.bat?

Would love any help.