Ok here is the story. I had( key word: had) a OTB jailbroken 1.1.2, everything was fine till yesterday.I was just showing my brother everything that I had on it, Summerboard, Customize, Nes, etc. Well somehow in the customize screen, ALL the Icons went hidden, and i was left with a blank phone. No Icons at all, no way of getting back to Customize to fix it. No problem I thought, just do a restore, down grade back to 1.1.1 go thru do all the steps again, jailbreak, oktoprep and such.

I can get thru everything fine, up to the install oktoprep. Once I get to upgrading backing to 1.1.2, BAM, Installer icon gone, and Oktoprep gone. I try to go ahead with the jailbreak just to see what whould happen, and all i get is errors because of the Oktoprep not being there? Anyone want to take a stab at this and see or would the best thing to do is just virginize the phone and hope that works?