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Thread: Random restart problem

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    Default Random restart problem
    not sure if anyone else is experiencing the same problem.
    recently my phone started acting funny. And it continuously keeps restarting at random times, sometimes after a full boot, sometimes 1-10 mins after, or at anytime while it is on.

    now before anyone says anything its no program that i recently installed or updated or any changes i may have made because i hadnt changed anything on my phone for the last 2-3 weeks so everythig was fine til just the last 3 days

    and heres the interesting part, not only my phone started acting funny, but my buddys just started doing the same, although our phones are way different in use and jailbreak

    jailbreak: iliberty
    os: win xp

    jailbreak: zipone
    os: win xp
    firm: 1.1.4

    so like the topic says, anyone else having these random restart problems? (boy it sure picked a good time :P just 2 days before 2.0 release, so if anything, ill just update and wait for updated jailbreak :P ...)

    or if anything any solution besides restore? ill do it if i have to BUT i wanna hear everyones option

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    I'm actually experiencing the same problems here. When I first got mine I jail break using anysim method to 1.1.1 and was using the phone for about 4 months then it started to turn off on its own and won't restart. I have to soft reset each time to make it start. It turns off at random times and conditions, very unstable. I then thought that maybe if I upgrade to a higher version it would be better so I used iLiberty to jail break and active to 1.1.4. iLiberty was successful in upgrading my phone to 1.1.4 but as soon as I started to use it, the phone froze and the screen went black so I had to soft reset. Now its only been 3 hours since and it froze up on my for at least 10 times. WHAT DO I DO!!!

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    Guys believe it or not I had two phone that did this too me. The first time the Genius Bar had no clue what was going on, and replaced the phone, the second time, about a month and a half later, they said that the first generation phones had a power supply error, and that was causing random phones to randomly restart.

    They said the ponly thing to do is get it replaced....

    Oh yea I never even jailbroke the second one so that time the problem was definitly phone related, so I knew the guys at Apple weren't BSing me...

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    was this a prob just with 4gb iphones or 8gb to?

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