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Thread: Helping a friend with his 1.0.2 unlocked phone.

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    Default Helping a friend with his 1.0.2 unlocked phone.
    I have been using a 1.1.1 phone that I bought already unlocked/jailbroken so I dont have any experience or knowledge about unlocking or jailbraking.
    Now I am trying to help a friend install applications in his 1.0.2 iphone but it doesn't have installer in it, just the default 12 icons.
    Does that mean it hasn't been jailbroken yet?
    If it hasn't, may I know which software (Mac or PC are both ok) would be best to use in this case ?
    And since I don't have any record on which method it was unlocked with, do I have to be cautious on what and what not to do on it?
    Or would he be better off virginizing it and upgrading it to 1.1.4? If thats the case, may I be advised on how to go about doing it?

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    I am now planning to do an update through iTunes to 1.1.4 then use PwnageTool to jailbreak it.
    Could I do that to the already unlocked 1.0.2 phone without doing anything else prior to the update?
    And is there any way to check the bootloader version without having installer in it?
    Would truly appreciate any help.

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    I just recently updated my 1.0.2 phone using winpwn. I first virginize my phone and updated thru itunes.

    I can't find the link, but I posted the steps.

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    Thank you for response.
    May I know how you virginize your phone? From reading around, the methods I found requires the files to be transferred to the phone through SSH. I haven't a clue on how to go about doing that without first installing an SSH client on the phone.
    And did you post the steps in this same subforum?
    Thanks again.

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    That's exactly what I did. I finally got lucky and it stablized long enough to transfer the files to the iphone.

    I'm not an expert. When I first bought my iphone, I had someone unlock my phone and he added the SSH and Installer client.

    Some people here suggested it's not neccessary to virginize the phone, but I choose to. However, had I not been able to SSH the virginizer pack to the phone, I would've upgraded as it.

    Sorry I don't have all the answers.

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    I think I recall reading that unlocked & jailbroken 1.0.2 has to be virginized prior to any updates.
    Problem with my case is I dont know whats be done on it. All I know is it can make calls using non AT&T sim, but it dont have installer to install the SSH client.
    Do you think it'll be safe to update straight away (restore to 1.1.4, followed by iLiberty) or should I try jailbreaking (AppTapp is what i had in mind), then SSH the virginize pack?
    Thanks again.

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    I don't think there would be a need to virginize if already updated to 1.1.4.

    Just for the heck of it, why not try to SSH into your phone and see if you can. Turn on the wifi and see what ip address got assigned to your phone and then go to your computer and launch your ssh client and try. if you can connect, then you can transfer the virginzier_pack to the appropriate location on the iphone.

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    sry for the confusion, but the friend's phone is actually still at 1.0.2
    I took a chance and restored my own 1.1.1 phone, downgraded it to 1.0.2, then virginized through installer from repo
    all is done and just waiting to finish downloading itunes 7.6.2 for use with pwnage to restore and upgrade it to 1.1.4
    hope everyth goes well and the same method would also be applicable to my firiend's earlier wk 14 phone

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