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Thread: Iphone simply won't boot, no post saved me, I remain DOOMED

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    Post Iphone simply won't boot, no post saved me, I remain DOOMED
    Hi all!

    I Hope someone can help

    Iphone won't boot not so ever.

    hold home+sleep, for 45 seconds,
    hold home before puting on dock with a wait of 28 secs.
    not reconized by no machine or software, pc, mac: Itunes, independence, Ifuntastic, ibrickr.

    the stupid phone just does not want to boot at all, no screen, no triangle, no logo NOTHING. Roamed from threat to threat this is a seriouse chalange,

    I am after writing this post opening my phone maybe it was phisicly dammaged, I know not, but who knows.

    had 102 uped to 111 from installer everytime I try to install whatever app it kicks me back to home with icon, as app haven't been installed but the phone was still working correctly, until one day, it turned off, after i took it out of the dock fully charged from the mac book pro.

    an other sad story, if anyone can help,

    I have no more cellphone I'm sure you all understand how painfull it is.


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    Take it to Apple. If it wont even come on, they will warrenty it and give you a new one. If you dont live close, call them and they will ship you a box to mail it to them. One thing, if your NOT on ATT, i would take your simcard out and hope for the best, cause if they find it unlocked, your out of luck.

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    Than I am out of luck, I am Canadian... will have to order a new one after chrismas I guess.

    thx CP jr.

    any other idea? anyone?



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