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Thread: how to downgrade from FW 2.0 (5a345)

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    Default how to downgrade from FW 2.0 (5a345)
    ok, i upgraded to itunes 7.7, then upgraded my iphone to the latest FW 2.0 build 5a345. now i want to go back down to 1.1.4 but it won't let me, i keep getting an error:
    The iphone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (20).

    i tried downgrading itunes back to 7.6 and it still won;t let me restore to 1.1.4

    i'm basically in an endless recovery mode loop. like the phone won't even turn off. when disconnected, i push and hold power button and the screen goes black, but then it just boots to the apple logo for a bit and then right back to the connect to itunes screen. when connected, i try to put it in DFU mode by holding power + home, but it just reboots to the apple screen and then right back into the connect to itunes screen. i assume this means that there is a problem getting it into DFU mode?


    ok solution by slightly modifying this procedure: Restore From 2.0 Beta 5 & 4 | Command Interactive
    in a nut shell:
    -upgrade back to itunes 7.7
    -restore to FW version 1.2.1 (5a345)
    -restore back to FW 1.1.4
    -when you get error 1015, hit ok and close itunes, open activity monitor, force quit itunes helper
    -open patched version of ziphone ( and erase baseband
    -if you get an error, open iliberty, click advanced and "exit DFU mode"
    then manually enter DFU mode by unplugging your phone, turning it off, and re plugging it back in by holding home.
    -then try and erase BB again w/ patched ziphone. it should work
    -now downgrade itunes 7.7 (delete itunes app, back up the contents of: user>music>itunes by moving it elsewhere, run itunes 7.6 installer)
    -restore to 1.1.4 again
    -now unlock any way you normally would.
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    Default Where did you get...
    ... itunes 7.7 and FW 2.0 5A345 - is it already officially released ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OmniMasta View Post
    ... itunes 7.7 and FW 2.0 5A345 - is it already officially released ?
    No it is not officially released. Developers get it...

    But of course there's the non-developer way too.

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    Before I play with it would you happen to know if it can be pwnd?

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    -restore back to FW 1.1.4 [before do this put the phone in to dfu mode] then restore

    -when you get error 1015[this means all the files from 1.1.4 installed except the baseband], hit ok and close itunes, open activity monitor, force quit itunes helper

    -open patched version of ziphone ( if u are using the pc version use this file
    and]RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    -check in only two choices one is 1)debug mode and the second is 2)ieraser , dont choose the downgrade baseband

    -it will erase new base in the iphone

    -now restore the 1.1.4 firmaware again with the itune

    and unlock it with any of u're iliberty+ or ziphone or pwnage tool

    thats all u have u're phone back

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    When I put my iPhone in DFU mode and attempt to restore 1.1.4 it doesn't even start installing and instead I get error 20 (unknown error)

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    I had a similar questions. Just sold my iPhone, and when I get the new one tomorrow, I need to restore this one, and unlock it before sending it off.

    It obviously needs 1.1.4, so how can I restore it to that, once the new 2.0 comes out? I saved the 1.1.4 ipsw file, so I'm assuming I can option click that to install but will everything else work fine?

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    how do you select a different firmware on the new itunes? I'm trying shift and it's not working.

    nvm it did, I'm just dumb
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