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Thread: hypothetical Post July 11th scenerio question

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    Default hypothetical Post July 11th scenerio question
    Ok, been here since day one of 1st gen phones. Something has been bugging me about July 11th and the future afterwards. if we can only activate 3G's at either an Apple brick and mortar or AT&T directly, what happens when there is a software update downt he road, something happens tot hat jailbreak and we have to DFU the phone, and reactivate? Right now we can do this via iTunes. But no more. How is this going to affect the jailbreaking world if this new activation criteria is enforced? Or once activated at a legit store, would that "new" activation carry over to Itunes in case we ever need to "restore" the phone? Just something that was on my mind that I have yet to find a direct answer. If this is in the wrong forum, please moved accordingly and accept my apologies, figured since this is a future jailbreaking deterent I should ask here first.  6040

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    just wanted to say, but we can use programs like ziphone to activate the iphone now and never have to use itunes for that, right?

    so dont you think the latest jailbreak on the new 2.0 will have an activation button so we can free our selfs from the chains apple is trying to put on us unlockers?

    lol, just a thought.

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    AT&t will just make you sign the contract at the store....but you will still have to activate it via iTunes at home. Before, you had to select your plan and bla bla via iTunes but now I THINK you will have to do all that at the AT&T store and when you come home, connect it to iTunes, it will just enable the activation on your phone for you.

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