I know is posted a few places but I didnt really get the answer i was looking for. well im new to this stuff so Im sure the answer is there not sure how to apply

well on to the problem

I just figured out how to use WinSCP an look into my iphone. So I saw a video on how to install APPS with WINSCP. So I got as far as draggin an droppin. Then it came down to permissions. I set the whole application folder to 0755. Now when i reboot my iphone and go to installer i get the error. Insufficient permissions. Installer was not installed correctly. It should be run as root:wheel. We will continue but please remember that it may not function correctly.then when i go to install something. NEGATIVE. ERROR Main Script execution failed. Did changing permissions on the app folder mess all of them up ? Is there a default permission ? Or am i basically looking at restoring on itunes ?