Sup all! well I need some serious help. Ok so my problem is I have a iphone with a dead lower strip of the touchscreen. I need to take it back to apple to get it replaced but I cant. Reason being it is unlocked and jailbroken. one I run my serial number at it says my phone is not activated. So for my warranty to work i need to have my phone activated through itunes. So with that said I need to virginize the phone BUT i cant cause the touchscreen isn't working.
So Im guessing i need to Downgrade the firmware, i found this on another website, but my question is will it work with firmware 1.1.4(it states on the webpage "how to downgrade a 1.1.2 or 1.1.3 phone). So what you guys think

Downgrade the main firmware:

Connect the phone to the computer and launch iTunes (v7.6 NOT recommended).

Restore your phone like explained in details here.

You will get an error when restore is complete, just ignore it and run AppTapInstaller.exe (to Mac users: iNdependence should do the same.

AppTapInstaller.exe will fail, but your phone will get to the Activation Screen now!

When on the activation screen, just follow my tutorial to jailbreak and bypass activation

I need some help guys, If anybody can can help me I wil make a nice donation to your paypal account