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Thread: (Guide) How to Jailbreak iPhone 1.1.2 UK/US version using windows

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    Default (Guide) How to Jailbreak iPhone 1.1.2 UK/US version using windows
    Hello Everyone,

    It took me 4 hours to actually work out a way on how to do this. I know this forum is actually for MAC users but nevermind.

    I know I am not the only who had problems with jailbreaking their 1.1.2 out of the box iPhone. Will work with any country version. It is quite a long process but if you are a windows user and can find a better way then please let me know lol.

    So lets get started. I would give you screenshots but that means formatting my device which I really do not want to do.

    Step 1
    To start with we need to downgrade the 1.1.2 firmware on the iPhone to 1.1.1. You will need to download this file from:

    Right now we have done this you basically need to make it show iTunes detects the iPhone in recovery mode. This is done by the following way. You have to told down the sleep/wake button and the home button at the same time until the screen goes black. Once it goes black you need to let go of the sleep/wake button and keep hold of the home button until you PC bleeps and it should start in recovery mode in iTunes. When doing this make sure it is actually connected to your computer in the cradle.

    Step 2
    Now you have done that you need to make sure that iTunes says it is in recovery mode and you need to hold down the "shift key" and click on restore. It will open up a window and you need to locate your 1.1.1 restore file you downloaded and click on "okay". It will start restoring your iPhone. Once this is done it should error with a 1015 which is fine.

    Step 3
    This is the pain in the *** step for us windows users because mac users use a program called independence which is only available for Mac whereas we are going to use a program called Apptappinstaller which is suppose to be used for version 1.0.2 but will work on 1.1.1 because I have done it about 6 times.

    Before you open up this software you need to make sure iTunes is completely shut down. You do this by opening up task manager (ctrl + alt + del) and go to processes and kill the iTuneshelper.exe process and close Task Manager.

    Once you have this software extract it with winrar and open up the exe.

    Now it is open you need to click on the continue button and select the 1.0.2 version and press on "install". It will start to download the 1.0.2 firmware but do not worry it will not install it on your device. You have to go through the download though. Once it has finished it will open a command prompt and will boot up the iPhone from recovery mode and you will get the activation screen come up.

    Do not worry that it will tell you it has failed at the end because it obviously has not if the iPhone is booting up. Exit the installer and we will continue.

    Step 4
    We are now going to install Appsnapp with the 1.1.1 software which is the easiest way to do it. you can take your iPhone out of your cradle and you need to make sure you have the sim card that you got with the phone in the device.

    Step 5. Slide to make emergency call. Press “*#307#”. It will start ringing.

    Step 6. Clear all the numbers by pressing “x”. Enter “0″, press “call”, than press “answer”.

    Step 7. Press “Hold”, than it will ring again. Press “Decline”. It will show you the contact list.

    Step 8. Add a new contact. Choose to “add new URL”. Enter “prefs:”. Add one more home url, this time enter “”. Save all the informations.

    Step 9. Click the “home page”, it will pop up the settings now. Connect to the Wi-Fi connections that you wish for. (same IP range with notebook computer. how to do it? Just make sure iPhone and notebook are connected with same Wi-Fi AP station.). Also, make sure it will not go to sleep mode by going into General > Auto Lock > Never.

    Step 10.Press home button to go back to the “activate iPhone” screen. Slide for emergency, and press “0″ to call. Answer the call than hold the call. It will ring again. Than, press decline and you will go back to contact list.

    Step 11. Select the contact we created in Step 8. This time, press the home that is “” to let the Safari open it. Scroll down and choose to install the AppSnapp.

    Step 12. Your Safari will crash and go back to the “Activate iPhone” screen. Do not touch the iPhone or any other buttons now.

    Once this has done it will reboot itself twice and instead of saying slide for emergency it will say slide to unlock which means we have bypassed the activation.

    Now we need to upgrade to version 1.1.2

    Step 13.
    Now you will see you have a program called Installer on your iPhones desktop. Tap to open thisand it should come up with refreshing sources. Once it has doen this click donate later and then click on the install icon on the bottom left.

    It will come up with a list and you need to go down to Tweeks 1.1.1. Tap it and install something called oktoprep. Once you have done this tap the home button and then attach it your computer.

    Step 13. Open up iTunes and click on the update button to update it to version 1.1.2. Do not worry the oktoprep files stay on the device which allow us to jailbreak again.

    You will need to download the following while that is updating and extract it:

    Once iTunes has finished updating your iPhone it will come up with the activation screen again. Do not worry. Just exit iTunes fully ending the process again in task manager aswell. Now you need to locate where you have extracted the 1.1.2-jailbreak.rar file and open the folder and open the windows.bat file.

    It will come up with a command prompt windows and will come up with a box where you need to tick the install ssh box and then click on the jailbreak. The alpine password will be correct so leave as is.

    You leave the process to finish and it will tell you that the iPhone will reboot in 10 seconds.

    Once this is all done you have completed the process and are ready to go.

    If you have any issues either email [email protected] or add me to msn with the same address.

    Hope this helps

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    I'm having a problem unlocking/activating my iPhone. I just did until Step 11, after installing AppSnapp, the Safari crashed and went back to the “Activate iPhone” screen. I did not touch my iPhone or any other buttons. I also changed the General > Auto Lock into Never but my iPhone turned off after Safari crashed. It did not reboot and after 30 minutes of waiting i turned on my iPhone and the "slide for emergency" is still in my iPhone. Did I do something wrong with your instructions? Please help. Thank you.

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    Sounds good, but after doing all this will you still be stuck on the activation screen with a jailbroken phone? (happened to me last time) or will it be in springboard?

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