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Thread: help please!

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    Default help please!
    Recently, my iphones silent switch broke, so i need to go to the apple store. before this happened, i updated my phone to 1.1.2, then decided i wanted to jailbreak it, so i brought it back down to 1.0.2 through ibrickr. if i did i restore, would i be fine? or would the baseband or something be the same as 1.1.2 and they will notice?

    is there anyway to get back to 1.1.2? whenever i try to upgrade or restore and upgrade, i get an error (i think 1602) if anyone can help me, i would greatly appreciate it! =]

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    you updated to 1.1.2 from 1.0.2? Did you unlock it? If so, you need to downgrade and Virginize the baseband back to whatever baseband that is associated with 1.1.2. Sorry, I don't know what modem f/w that would be. You'd be fine just as long as you have a non modded iPhone (at least by apples standards). Just as long as it is a fresh restore with an unmodded baseband.

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    yeah i updated to 1.1.2, but downgraded to 1.0.2. would that mean i still have 1.1.2 baseband? can i "revirginize" even though ive been locked on at&t?

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