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Thread: 1.1.4 > baseband/firmware (?!) corrupt?

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    Default 1.1.4 > baseband/firmware (?!) corrupt?
    Hello all,
    (sorry for my english... hope that I can make my self clear )
    This is my second post and after some help from you all I have found what is really happen... so let me explain again and hope that someone can help ... Thanks!!

    Let me explain:
    I have one 16g UK model (bought on Ebay and no clue what the seller have done to it but I have restore it unlocked with iLiberty)... all is ok but the battery meter/icon adds 50% to the normal charge... for example: when is empty jumps (after 2/3 seconds off showing the "red" charging ) to 50% plus... so, if the phone have 20% battery the meter (and HWinfo, for example) shows 70%...
    This is a huge problem because I never know when the battery is actually full... and when reaches the 50% (some times shows the 20% alert and shut's down... and when I plug it the meter shows red - below 20% - but, as soon the meter reaches 20% jumps to 70%...arggghhh) it goes down...
    I have tried all... reset's, restores, calibrate the battery, etc...

    Then I have managed to ierase the baseband with Ziphone and the meter went ok!!! but and off course I got the no wifi, IMEI, etc... as soon I restore it to 1.1.4 the meter goes crazy again... ( I have donne it a bunch of times... and always - when I erase the BB- the meter is OK...)

    Looks like a corrupt baseband or seckpack... because when I erase it the battery shows a accurate meter... (sorry if the tecnichal terms aren't correct )

    Must be a software bug... because the battery stands ok for 2 days...

    PLease someone with firmware/software knowledge HELP ! ;-D
    Thank you very much
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    maybe it is your battery that is malfunctioning...although as you stated that when you erased the baseband the meter is ok...why dont you try downgrading your firmware to 1.1.3..and see if it solves the problem...and if it did then upgrade to 1.1.4...

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    Who cares? You probably charge your phone most days anyway, does it really bother you that much if the already inaccurate battery meter is more inaccurate than usual?
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    Thanks for the replies.
    @ calebdexter :
    I have donne it to 1.1.2/1.1.3... and as soon I put/reflash the baseband the meter goes crazy again... That's why it must be a "software" thing...( I have also some friends reports that have replace the batt and the meter have stayed the same - not a hardware thing...and the real batt life is ok ... 2 days...)

    @ redcard:

    Yes, it is quite a pain... and it upset me not knowing the "real" cause...
    And after I did erase the BB and see that the meter is ok... you know...
    Hope that someone had solve this...

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    anyone have this issue? Please give us some help!!!
    thx very much

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    Anyone have managed to solve this issue?

    Nobody else?
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  7. #7 if its your baseband of secpack try this
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