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Thread: iphone i need serious help people!

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    Default iphone i need serious help people!
    for the first time ever i dropped my iphone (drunk) and now the TOP half of the screen is dead to touch. meaning i can see all my apps and everything looks normal but i cant interact with the top half of my iphone....example would be slide to power off.....i cant slide because its on the top half, but i see everything normal. also all my apps on the top half absolutely everything is dead to sense of touch. although the bottom half of the screen works perfectly i cant use any buttons on the top half.....what should i do....? i tried restoring but itunes says i have to upgrade to 1.1.2 and i dont want there a way i can restore to 1.1.1 again? thanks guys.

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    Sounds like a hardware, not software problem. If there are no visible signs of damage on the outside of the phone, I would talk to Apple about a warranty claim. Just tell them it stopped working on its own and be sure to restore to factory settings before sending it in.

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    thanks buddy. sounds good i just restored it to factory settings and i slide to emergency call and cant even press the number 3 because its on the top half of the screen. so i think ill just talk to apple but wont they ask me for my serial number and telephone number? because my phone was obviously jailbroken and on a rogers what will i tell them when they ask me for my number and all that stuff?

    oh yea wait. im in Canada and wont they be are you doing with an iphone in canada??? wont it be obvious that i am not with AT&T therefore they wont help me?
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    they will help you,tell them you have not activate the phone yet thats why you dont have a number and it was a gift if you dont have a receipt.They don't know where you callng from anyways.
    the problem is that you dropped the phone and they will see the marks.
    I just return mine 2 days ago because the battery died after trying ipod speakers,they give me a new one ,no questions ask.
    I live in Vancouver.
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    thanks chris. i just called the apple store in toronto and they said they cant help me with the iphone because its not a product of canada and they arent trained to deal with them....what the hell do i do now? i called apple in the U.S and they keep asking me for my serial number...can they see that i was using rogers network if i give them my serial number? im just worried that they will find out that my phone was hacked and all and not give me a new one or even repair mine..

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    Is OK ,give them the serial number,the don,t know that is been hack!
    Make an appointment and return your phone.
    Call apple USA.

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    i just talked to apple USA and they said since the iphone is not available in canada they cant do anything for me. either i drive down to the states to get it serviced or ship it to a relative in the states and have them do the process for me. so i guess i just have to give it to my cousin in the states and tell her to tell apple that it is just out of the box and the top half of the screen cannot function to the sense of touch i guess....hopefully this sh== works im so pissed right now.......

    ok guys im going crazy here i talked to 14 different apple iphone care agents and they all seem to be very stupid. i told them i havent activated the phone even though i have and i know perfectly well that i dropped it thats why the top half of the screen isnt working....and they all keep saying it wont work until you are an at&t customer and have activated the phone over iTunes, it hurts cuz i cant tell them i dropped it and give me a new fuc==== phone.. but i was also told if apple care receives it they will be able to repair it IF it hasnt been tampered with such as 3rd party apps which i had 4 pages of.... since i restored the phone is that enough to hide all the evidence of all the hacks i had on there...???

    my cousin said that when my phone gets to apple they open it and see everything...this means they will see that it has been used and even more unlocked and so stuck i need help

    once apple gets my phone in their hands cant they see that it has been unlocked and hacked???
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    Once you restore it to factory settings, there's no way for them to tell if you jailbroke it visually...

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