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Thread: need help please. iphone dead after upgrading

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    Default need help please. iphone dead after upgrading
    hi, can anyone help

    bought iphone from ebay. connected iphone to computer and it said iphone in recovery mode, need to restore clicked ok. downloading files and restoring and then got error message. can't remember exactly but something like can't restore unknown error. phone now not swtich on and when connect to pc nothing happen. if i leave connected to pc seems to get slightly warm like maybe its charging battery. got windows vista running and itunes version 7.6, any ideas anyone ? any help will be great.

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    try putting it into restore mode, and then try changing usb ports and restarting teh cpu then restore

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    thanks for reply but how do i put it into restore mode. phone does not switch on and i can't get any response from it. tried holding down home button while connecting to usb port still nothing.

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    Default how does one "reset the cpu" on an iphone
    how does one "reset the cpu"

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    Quote Originally Posted by jameslyons View Post
    how does one "reset the cpu"
    There's no such thing as "resting the cpu". Do a DFU restore on your phone. If you get an error I need to know the #

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    how do i boot phone as i have said can't get any response from phone. apart from using itunes is there any other way of restoring of repairing the software on phone.

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    [email protected]
    unplug ur iphone and then keep holding home button then plug it in it should went into recovery mode see if that helps > > > >

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    My phone vibrates when it is is restore mode and when I try to restore in itunes it says unknown error

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