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Thread: Why no 1 replying? because solution is too simple or unrepairable? pls say something

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    Default Why no 1 replying? because solution is too simple or unrepairable? pls say something
    I have seen this problem happen to several people but minimal.
    Can anyone give an explanation why this is happening?
    My iphone was originally 1.1.1 (04.01.13_G) downgraded to 1.0.2 (04.01.13_G), then upgraded back to 1.1.1 using carnaval method.
    It was fully functional until 1 day, I was listening to itunes and forgot to off it for the night. In the morning battery was low. I charged it and from then onwards it gets frozen on "slide to unlock" screen even after a RESTORE of v1.1.1 and keeps restarting every 10 minutes.
    Bottom line, RESTORE works fine, however, the restarting and freezing remains.

    This case is very scarce though I have seen some posted.

    Should I try the:
    1) [GUIDE] Downgrade v1.1.1 to v1.0.2 + Fix Seczone (Automated) & Upgrade to v1.1.1

    2) Why is this happening? I never had bad IMEI, the only thing i can think of which is did wrong is maybe i virginized the baseband which actually did not need to virginized in the 1st place.

    Please advise Revan or anyone who knows what they are doing. Thanks.

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    if no one can find a solution i say you restore and make it look otb and if you still have the at&t sim then all the better, bring that ish back to steve-o take ya $ jobs; yea anyway do that and get a new iphone. i mean a hard reset or a clean wipe and restore should fix freezing issue's. maybe its bad code or something. did you try installing the touch sensitivity hack in the settings menu? maybe try that and increasing the sensitivity to the max by pulling the slider all the way to the left.
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    you sound really professional. Thanks for helping out.
    Would like to add in a point, after restoring, for a split second, you can see the "slide to unlock" words flashing across and then freezes. I thought I'd just point this out to prove that the phone is working but then freezes after this split second.
    But yea, I get what you mean, if a restore doesnt work im probably doomed which is what i thought as well.
    Do you know _BigBoss_ tutorial? My logic is if the iphone is messed up already i might as well give this tutorial a try. But I was hoping maybe in later iphone restore firmwares, this issue might be addressed. Ive read many forums, and people say its a WIFI Hardware problem. If indeed this is true, i think it is well and truely bricked because not many people have this problem. Im just hoping its a software issue.

    Thank you very much. Hope for a reply.

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